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Lokken: Guys the Chinese are doing this so we all must sell everything. Cos China.ChairmanDAO: fluffypony, sure we do our research and our results differ from yours.your basis as a competitor to ZEC makes it tuff to quanitfy.Fibonacci12358: OaktreeCapital, send it to FibonacciCoin my daughter is using my cellphone to watch youtube kids.MiningInc: Ghostbusters, I asked because I was doing a bit of digging below the surface.Alphamode: DontBeScared, I really dont get why people panic over these swings.

CryptoCatfish: OxygenPermabull, If that ETF goes thru we can yolo long btc.

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Filipos76: CryptoBitSeeker, I agree with you but it will be a lot of up and down till then.

Not saying anything good or bad about the coin.just the most relentless group.Anondran: fluffypony, lol sad its still alive.waiting for it to get delisted.OxygenPermabull:, Haole, alt coin has consistently increased in price to above 50 and Held it ever.Weazal: Right im gone before blood starts running in the streets.OxygenPermabull: fluffypony, what price did you promise them a buy in at.

LBCMiner: zawy, beauty is that all historical transactions can be deleted because all accounts and balances are hashed in each block.China Will Likely Resume Bitcoin Trading by Licensing Exchanges Google China Will Likely. China Will Likely Resume Bitcoin Trading by. BitMEX Blog – The.

Anondran: giovaboss, go to balaances, deposits and withdrawals page.OxygenPermabull: The fake laugh track goes into uproarious laughter.Arti: timur.izgenov, it is called bull trap. bubble will burst completely after ETF disapproval.SolarPowered: Dualetto, We can just not while working really. much too busy.RadiumInHuman: panic sell help market maker to buy btc near 900usd at 14pm.ManWithThePlan: Once we smash 48.2K its 50K time then 100K will be the next milestone.Fibonacci12358: blazin8888 likes to make vague predictions then do the i told you so thing too.Brawndo: All the crooks in China are trying to figure out a btc exit strategy, lol.

Anondran: fluffypony, omg.I thought we could be relatives then.:D.KeepWalking: MiningInc, oh yeah, and trolls here would prob make it even worse lool.MiningInc: jayesh you using tether to make money here during dips.Cthulhu: 24K, 3 more rep points and u have your first shade of troll pinkness.> Popular applications like Slack and Discord, as well as our own application (BitMEX, a Bitcoin trading site) will be hugely and adversely affected by this.Haole: fluffypony, Every time I see the acronym ETH I see red.

BigDMcGee: dcr is goings to have a speech at coinbase thats probably the hype.DOCinTheBox: BlackKettle, yeah the trash can is a bit empty:D.Brickwood: 1000000111000, it is basically what they are saying.Raja: Blurb, in that case, I never knew I was a whale as well.Godlike: polobit, i can agree bout 57 but not obligatory from now.Token sales next week, then Metropolis, btc might fork and people realise ETH is the real deal (scale, IoT.Banhammer: justas.kaseta banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered.

OaktreeCapital: j33hopper, please look at the recent comment history of 2ez28u, he is harassing me.MiningInc: introvert basically an addon that carries signatures and additional data.BrainStormer: LBCMiner, Tell us about your connection with the russian PASC whale.Abekoyp: nos is ths timebto move to decentralize exchanges. bitsquare.

Trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. Fast execution, low fees, Bitcoin futures and swaps: available only on BitMEX.NewKidOnTheBlock: this feels like wallstreet during a crash, everyone is grumpy:).